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Best fertility doctor in Bangalore

At Khushi, we provide access to safe treatments for other health conditions that do not interfere with fertility and conception with our in-house dermatology practice that offers safe treatment for hair and skin conditions such as hair loss, acne due to hormonal imbalance, that does not interfere with infertility treatment or conception goals. Visit us for the best fertility doctor in Bangalore.

Our acupuncturist is highly trained in fertility-yoga, fertility-focused acupuncture treatment sessions as diet counseling that helps couples use natural and safe methods to improve fertility. The Key elements of Value-Added services at Khushi includes:

  • Dermatology consultation for treating hair, skin and nail disorders for men and women.
  • Consultation with an expert panel of acupuncturist for diet, yoga and acupuncture sessions for both men and women.

best fertility doctor in Bangalore
Our services

Value Added Services

Patients suffering from PCOS, often struggle with dermatologic manifestations of the condition such as hair loss, hirsutism and acne. However, some of the medications for treating these conditions are unsafe to use during pregnancy as they can cause birth defects in the baby. Similarly, for men, untreated psoriasis can impair male fertility due to systemic inflammation. Treating the underlying inflammatory conditions such as allergies, psoriasis etc. can boost fertility. We at Khushi have an expert dermatologist in-house to prescribe safe medications and therapies that will not interfere with fertility treatments.
The relationship between stress and infertility is well-known and a diagnosis of infertility alone can cause anxiety and depression in patients. We at Khushi adopt a Mind/Body approach to treating infertility. We have designed a comprehensive program covering diet, yoga and natural supplements to boost fertility for men and women. The program is guided by a renowned expert acupuncturist and nutritionist who has been specializing in fertility treatment for more than a decade.
Our experience has shown that acupuncture does offer benefits by helping in regulating the hormones and promoting ovulation while relieving stress by working on the central nervous system. At Khushi, we encourage patients to enroll for acupuncture sessions from our licensed acupuncturist who is fully familiar with our treatment protocols and works in close partnership with us supporting the patients throughout the treatment cycle as well as pregnancy.
Pregnancy hormones can trigger skin growths such as skin tags and warts and it is very important to avoid any chemical treatments keeping the growing baby’s health uppermost in mind. We at Khushi, offer safe dermatology procedures in-house to deal with pregnancy-associated skin issues. Procedures include using electrocautery for safe removal of moles, warts and skin tags. We also offer therapies for hair and skin rejuvenation such as Platelet Rich Plasma, from a certified dermatologist which reduces the risks.

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At Khushi, an expert medical team of fertility specialists, surgeons, and full-time embryologists work round the clock, integrating compassionate care with clinical brilliance. Our team understands patient challenges and adopts a result-oriented treatment approach to create miracles and bring joy to everyone. We have the best fertility doctor in Bangalore. Connect with us today for the best IVF treatment in Bangalore.