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Pursue Alternate Routes

Best Surrogacy Hospital in Bangalore

At Khushi, we help couples achieve their goal of parenthood when the underlying cause of infertility is unexplained or the condition cannot be treated or cured without taking undue risks. We counsel the couple to make them aware of the alternate routes of becoming parents, including the benefits and risks involved, to help them decide on the best course of action. We are the best surrogacy hospital in Bangalore.

At no point, do we make a decision on your behalf as we believe that it is a personal decision for every couple? Our role as fertility experts is only to offer the most appropriate medical advice with the highest level of confidentiality at all times. The Key Elements of alternate routes at Khushi include: 

  • Selection of donors based on the preferences of the couple and matching to suit their needs

  • Thorough testing of donors to rule out any known medical conditions and co-ordination with the agencies supplying donors

  • Full compliance with the guidelines with respect to maintaining the anonymity of donors and confidentiality of data

best surrogacy hospital in Bangalore
Our services

Pursue Alternate Routes

Using an egg donor is another option for couples who are facing recurrent IVF failures due to problems in the egg quality. On the day of egg retrieval, the donor’s egg is fertilized using the male partner’s sperms and embryos are transferred at a subsequent cycle. We try to match the preferences of the couple with the profile of egg donors available.
A thorough medical screening of the donor is strictly followed for every single oocyte donor selected at Khushi fertility
At Khushi Fertility, we create donor embryos using anonymous donor eggs and anonymous donor sperms, the man and woman not being husband and wife. All such embryos are frozen and kept for embryo transfer to couples who have tried eberything possible in the armamentarium of IVF and not psychologically ready for adoption.
At Khushi, we only practice altruistic surrogacy, where a close relative or a friend of the couple agrees to act as a “surrogate” carrying the couple’s child to term, for altruistic reasons. The embryos of the couple are transferred to the surrogate’s womb. We ensure that the surrogate does not have any genetic relationship with the fetus that is growing inside her womb.

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At Khushi, an expert medical team of fertility specialists, surgeons, and full-time embryologists work around the clock, integrating compassionate care with clinical brilliance. Our team understands patient challenges and adopts a result-oriented treatment approach to create miracles and bring joy to everyone. Visit us today as we are the best surrogacy hospital in Bangalore. We also have the best fertility doctors in Bangalore.